About Us

As a professional services provider we pride ourselves in our values of supporting and helping businesses achieve their targets. We like to talk about what is important to you and helping you make the right choices by suggesting and developing innovative solutions.

We understand that in a competitive world where customer behaviour is fast paced, business needs are constantly evolving, we help keep things on track and on time by close communication and regularly prioritising your needs inline with that of the market.

Our business – We have a wide array of expertise in a multitude of UK industry sectors ranging from Education, Local Government, Insurance, Banking, Retail and E-commerce. This means we are fully equipped to provide you with the right level of know-how, advice and technical expertise.

Our history – ​Based in the Heart of Rural England, we have built our home and our business in challenging times. With two children and a strong knit community to support us, we have strived to grow and evolve while constantly challenging our beliefs and leading the way.

Our philosophy – Our core values of patience, honesty, simplicity and perseverance are the principles we live by each day. And we always strive to conduct ourselves in the utmost professional manner which goes a long way in developing our behaviour of supporting each other and our clients.

Board of Directors:

  • Parveen Kumar

A software solutions developer at heart, he has a passion for tacking problems ranging from one-off issues to business as usual. Since childhood he has had a keen interest in thinking about new ideas and fixing things in the electro-mechanical world. This has naturally evolved into a strong passion for technology, programming and software development in the internet world. With an academic distinction and a strong believer in life long learning he holds a Post-graduate degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry from the Open University, UK, and an Advanced Diploma from the YMCA Institute of Engineering, India backed by a continuous development process through cutting edge training and professional certifications from leading institutes – ILM, Sec-1, Learning Tree International and QA International.

  • Geetika Kumar

A strong willed and driven professional constantly juggling work and home, Geetika has a very magnetic persona. With an honours degree in Business Commerce from the prestigious Delhi University at the heart of the Indian subcontinent, she has also gained experience of working in a number of UK industry sectors including Childcare, Education and Local Authority. She has a mutual interest of travelling. Her contribution and support in the establishment and day to day activities of this business are invaluable.


Our value, reputation, and trust-worthiness is second to none, and this can be perceived from the numerous awards we have earned over the years, backed a strong & positive feedback from our happy customers. That is our motivating force and a measure of our continued success.