Debug Error 500 – IIS

1. ​Howto force error 500 to enable testing the error output and logging: Navigate to site root or a page with ?someParam=<script> (note: this will be treated a a dangerour script and error 500 thrown). 2. MVC Web.config <httpErrors errorMode=”Custom” existingResponse=”Auto”>       <remove statusCode=”404″ />       <error statusCode=”404″ path=”/404.html” responseMode=”ExecuteURL” /> […]

Browsers Reference

Microsoft Edge Platform Status:​ Feature wise lookup:​  (e.g. ​

Shim Shiv Polyfill

Shim=Shiv (latest Kind of like polyfills cover over the differences in implementations of features. The way the HTML5 shiv works requires you to put it in the <head> element Also refer to excellent reference on Html5 polyfilling​​

Powershell Basics

​Powershell – scripting language. Fileext = .ps1 Tools: Powershell Console and ISE (intellisense capable, tabbed navi, testing scripts etc) Cmdlets = name for Powershell commands (Get-Command etc..) installed as part of WMF (WM4 is latest, WM5 is preview). Commands avl may vary by OS, Test-NetConection not avl in Win7, only Win8 and above. Cmdlets and parameters have aliases like […]

Deployment Publishing and Continuous Integration

Fake (F# based) or PSake ​(powershell based) or Cake (C# based) Deployment and CI.. Other alternatives: TeamCity, Jenkins, Octopus, AppWare, TFS Builds DB publishing: DacFx (Dacpac approach) DbSqlPackage Provider (soon to be deprecated) ​ ​​​SqlPackage tool: DB Lifecycle Management (Key/Root Article)

Standards Best Practices and Samples ​​​​ ​​/​ ​​Business transactions:

Identity Server, Claims, Tokens, Idp, Rp, STS, Saml, OpenId, OAuth, Bearer Token, SSO

Identity Server3 – Getting Started with Step wise Code Samples ​ Using an ACS (Access Control Service/Namespace) for Claims based Federation Using OWIN and Azure Ad to Secure MVC and Web Api Adding minimal OWIN auth to an existing MVC WebApp OWIN OpenID Connect Middleware Flow Explained (and EBook) ​Azure Active […]

Query Performance

Measurement of sproc query performance: =========================================== ## Tools to use: =============== – Include actual query plan in ssms – Look for NCI/CI Index scan – Look for Key Lookups – Use Index usage stats to figure out which index is being used.. – Make covering indexes based to reduce Key Lookups..(Select or where clauses go […]